Top Curly Hairstyles For Black Women – Short Hair Edition

There is always something about black women with short curly hair that we can’t deny the feeling of admiration. But we don’t mean to say that we don’t like long hairstyles for black women. It’s definitely the fierceness and confidence of girls wearing it that we get awed to, though.

Short hair gives you a taste of power and freedom that you can’t experience with other hairstyles. However, a lot of women with curly hair often think that there is a limited range of hairstyles for them to choose from.

And yes that’s true. But while it is true that naturally curly hair often gives one limited styling options, with the abundance of different hair styling technologies that let more suppleness even with curly hair, women with short hair now have more freedom in how they want their manes styled.


Another thing that we are sure about short hair is it will never go out of style. Not to mention that the shorter your hair is, the easier it is to shift hair hues and deal with your curls. And among different trendy hairstyles, this one is easy to care for and will save you a ton of time in the morning.

For that matter, here in Heaven on Earth Beauty Salon, we would like to share with you our top picks of short curly hairstyles for black women in Albany. Rest assured you’re going to look fabulous when you try them. So, to help you decide which short hair to wear on or achieve your dream hair, feel free to take a closer look to our list.

Short Natural Cut

Loose curls are glamorous and give off a carefree vibe but sometimes you’ll find yourself irritated by unmanageable it is, most especially if it’s long. But why settle with annoying long natural hair when you can still rock this style with short hair? Yes, this short natural cut can finally take control over your unruly curls. Wear it with bold lips and neutral eyes just like in the picture and I’m pretty sure, heads will turn.

Layered Mohawk – Platinum Blonde

Stand out and be proud. Love you natural hair but don’t limit yourself with common hair cuts for black women when you can still preserve your culture with this platinum blonde Mohawk. This Mohawk is left longer on the top and can be worn wavy, curled or straight, making it perfect for showing off your smooth complexion and beautiful face.

Twisted Short Curls

You can achieve this quite unique and impressive short hairstyle when you leave your sides sleek and guide all the twist curls to the crown. Plus, you can bring some life to it by adding some highlights you prefer. After all, highlights are the easiest way to switch up your short hairstyle, without going overboard. Golden and honey blonde highlights look great on women who have darker skin.

But of course, you should learn how to take care of your colored hair. Make sure to use sulfate free shampoos to maintain the original and richness of the color. That way, you can make sure the color will be always the same when you first have it.

Two Toned Colored Curly Mohawk – Black And Blonde

This glamorous and sexy short curly style is suited for confident black women who are willing to take the wild and sexual side of a curly mane in a length that they can control. This looks so sexy especially it confronts two quite contrasting hues – black and blonde. Wonderful, isn’t it? Well, blonde highlights are suggested for women who want an utterly trendy and fresh look.

Short Voluminous Bubbly Curls

Confident black women who like to have most of their face exposed, flaws and everything, can work this hairstyle well. But somehow, you should take to consider a greater control to it when you like to get this hairstyle done to you.

Overall this short and curly hairstyle is gorgeous and easy to pull off. In fact, you can achieve voluminous, bouncy curls by using hair rollers. But remember, paying attention to texture is always the key.

Curly Short Hair – Red and Gold Edition

I often find this hair color combination one of a kind. The combination of colors will bring out the warm undertones in black women’s skin. But let me warn you: once you try this hairstyle I’m pretty sure you’ll find yourself obsessed with it. So, why not try at your own risk? Rock this hairstyle by talking to us.

Short Curly Blonde Style

Prior to making a stunning comeback, short curly hairstyle was once the rage in the 80s. But I don’t remember losing it on our hair chart since then. Anyway, this short hairstyle looks wonderful with messy curls at the crown.

But did you know that you can achieve these curls using a hair curler or hair rollers? All you have to do is make sure to tease them for a big, voluminous hair. A big plus is, you can easily transform this style into a mohawk if you ask your stylist to shave the sides of your head. Think how lucky you are when you’re Albany, as Heaven on Earth Beauty Salon is there to help you achieve this style.

Don’t listen to what they tell you about short hair as being non-flexible or informal. Well, women with short curly hair now have varied hairstyles to choose from. And contrary to popular belief, curly hairstyles are not hard to control and are suitable for work, formal events, date etc. But of course, there are ways of styling curly hair to make it ready for wherever you go.

You can achieve all these hairstyles if you just choose the right hairstylist. I suggest you should go after with stylist who is specialized for natural hair styling or black women’s hair. Well, Heaven on Earth Beauty Salon can create perfect wedding updos or hairstyles for any other special occasion such as the prom, formal event or homecoming ball. Located at 330 Central Avenue, Albany, New York, they are open from Tuesday to Saturday at 9:00AM. To get more updates, simply like their page on Facebook or to set appointment, simply call (518) 432-4302.