Chemical Services Every 6-8 weeks

It is recommended to do chemical treatments such as relaxers or perms every 6-8 weeks. We can do relaxer touch-ups using the best products to keep your hair healthy.

Weave Maintenance

It is important to clean and maintain your weave regularly. We would recommend washing your weave at least once a week. We would also suggest storing your weave in a place where it will not get tangled.

Hair Color Maintenance

To keep your hair looking shiny and healthy we would suggest doing regular protein and conditioning treatments. Also, you will want to touch-up the color ever 4-6 weeks!

It is very important to get your ends trimmed on a regular basis. You should get a trim every 6-8 weeks, in doing so you prevent hair breakage. Getting your ends trimmed on a regular basis will give a much healthier look and your style will last longer. Hair Care is very important.

For more hair care tips call us or visit our location for a free hair analysis.