5 Eye-Catching Hairstyles For Women With Long Hair

Black girls also dream of having beautiful long hair. That must be influenced by Disney movies they’ve watched since childhood. And in chase for that dream, they often extend their hair in many ways, from using sew-in-weaves or versatile weaves to buying pricey vitamins for faster and healthier hair growth and to whatever that is ready to do to grow long lush hair.

While most black American women are naturally blessed with beautiful long hair, not everyone is gifted with healthy strands. Naturally, the curly naturals of our sistahs are often prone to brittleness and dryness.

We have a little solution for you. If you are one of them, you should know how to present your treasure in the best light, choose the style that doesn’t just complement your face’s shape but also your personality, and above all learn how to soften and take care of your naturals.

Let me presume that you are already aware of which hairstyles suit you the most. But tendencies change, and it’s essential to keep up with what your hair needs and also the trend. We have little surprise for you. The following hairstyles for long hair are breathtaking and worth imitating. Why not make an exact copy of them? After all, borrowing some nice ideas would be inspiring for you.

A Chic Tsunami Hair From Beyonce’s Sistah

When it comes to the most striking long hairstyles for black women, many black women can’t afford to pass by the name of magnificent Solange Knowles, who deliberately carries the idea of big black natural hair, thus pleasing many women with her style experiments. Not to mention, this modish centre-parted natural downdo are best suited with its volume, thickness and curl pattern.

Stunning Flows Of Hues In Curls

Length is one of the factors that give more opportunities to experiment with highlights. What’s best with long hair is you can use a few hues at a time and it won’t seem too much. Imagine how delightfully those curls will move and flow as you are walking by.

Purple-Toned Long Weave Hairstyle

A chic hairstyle and an eye-catching hair color make a fascinating weave. Her locks have been center-parted and styled into large loose curls. The intentional pomposity and matchless luster are the main compounds of this ravishing look.

Medium To Long Weave With Naughty Spirals

What a sexy weave hairstyle. Notice the thick spiral curls sticking out naughtily? It defines the layers of the fabulous weave while the monochromatic dark chocolate hue flatters her beautiful light brown complexion – making it looks so sweet.

Thicker Side Bun For Black Hair

This baggy side bun is a stylish yet neat updo solution, where every hair is in its place. If you notice, the precise side parting, sleekness of locks and lop-sidedness boost up the elegant feel of this enchanting look. This hairstyle is best worn in prom and formal event and event romantic dinner date.

I can imagine you, ladies that you are now in a hurry to try these new looks. Good luck in your experiments and may you always feel that you are one of a kind. And to help you achieve these long flawless hairstyles, and if you’re in Albany, we suggest you to visit Heaven on Earth Beauty Salon at 330 Central Avenue. You can also like their page on Facebook for updates or set an appointment with their expert hairstylists at (518) 432-4302.


Source: The Right Hairstyles