Get the Hair You've Always Wanted

Get the Hair You've Always Wanted

Order custom wigs in Albany, NY

Maybe you've always wanted to have luscious, curly locks. Maybe you dream of long, silky hair. Or maybe you just want a bright color that pops. If your own hair just won't cooperate, then why not try wearing wigs? Custom wigs are a great option to get that look you've always wanted. They're also an excellent choice when you want to change up your look more often than your actual hair will allow.

At Heaven On Earth Beauty Salon, we design custom wigs made to fit each person's head. Because your wig is made especially for you, it will look and feel more natural.

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We can help you put on your custom wig

Once you have your new wigs, you need to learn how to put them on. Our custom wigs are made from bundled virgin hair, meaning that the hair is chemical-free and comes from a single donor. By using virgin hair, your wig will feel real. You can also style it just like real hair. We can do a wig installation and show you how to maintain it once it's on correctly.

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