Head-Turner Hairstyles For Black Women

Bearing the most distinctive characteristics, black women’s hair is unique and often stands out among the crowd. I bet every woman wishing a great-looking hair will surely admit that they spent endless hours trying out many different hairstyles and perhaps hopping many beauty salons only to identify the look and style that best fits their personality.

Despite the grandeur hairstyle options available over the internet, finding the one fitting a woman’s face’s shape has been even more difficult. Perhaps, it is due to the complexity of their hair and a limited amount of styles that can be carried out with ease.

It was of no help either that the products produced exclusively for Afro hair were few and far between. You may remember having your hair braided by a relative or friend – a very well-accepted protective styling that took some time but kept the hair neat and under control.

This has been popular not just for many black women but to majority of Americans. You can now decide on those styles that were once deemed unworkable, with many beauty salons in the United States. Aside from braided hair, what hairstyles do you think would fit you? How to choose the style and what are the things that should be considered?

African Americans are blessed with many best things, particularly with their hair. With their very unique hair, they can experiment with different eye-catching hairstyles that steal the spotlight and leave an immense and remarkable impact on everyone.

Heaven on Earth Beauty Salon is happy to provide you different hairstyles for black women with natural hair. Wait… that aren’t just the hairstyles you think they were. It is a compilation of cool and trendy hairstyles for black women.

Go Natural – embrace and love it!

As one of the simplest ways to fashion an eye-catching look is to go natural and pair it with flawless finish, soft, and natural makeup.

Part Your Natural Hair From The Center

Having voluminous naturals? This eye-catching hairstyle works best for you. This gorgeous center parted style is so natural and trendy.

The Frisky Style

Are you looking for modern-looking naturals? This gorgeous frisky hairstyle is an easy yet super cute style that keeps up with trend and adds youthful vibe to your look. By simply twisting the front strands of your hair away from your face and securing it with bobby pins, you can achieve this hair flawlessly.

Box Braids

When doing the stunning box braids, you should be open to experimenting with different styles. Remember, it’s one of versatile hairstyles that allow you to test and try modern look – minus the straightening iron or hot combs.

Blown Out Hair

If you want a head-turner style, then this is meant for you. But be careful when wearing this hair as you’re going to need high level of confidence. Overall, this is so easy and it guarantees to add a glamorous boho inspired touch to the entire look of yours.

The Modern Chic Style

This is another great hairdo to try if you want to create a stern look – the stunning, voluminous half up. Be confident and go for it and enjoy being the apple of the crowd’s eyes.

Highlights Spotlight

Adding few light tones to your hair would be the best idea to go for if you want to add a modern-chic touch to the stunning trendy hair.

Go Edgy

If you want to look bold and sexy, this edgy haircut is meant for you. Create a real runway look, and take the risk and go for the jaw-dropping shaved style.

Fall In Love With Soft Romantic Style

These cute, blown out curls are well thought-out as the best option for a soft romantic look. As a matter of fact, it works best with medium length hair which means that if you want to rock this style you might need to get a cropped cut.

Go For Subtle Hairdo

If you’re often look up to asymmetrical hairdo, stick with this casual chic undone bun. It’s one of the great options to go for if you want to create a modern yet very elegant look.

Stunning Bun

Either you’re wearing your naturals or using some weaves for protective styling, this stunning hairstyle that works the best with long curls will add a playful touch to your look.

Ombre Hairstyle

Am I the only one who gets fascinated with fading hair color that matches women with dark skin? Well, ombre style seems to be the best option when it comes to lightening up the color. The ombre colored hair proves that black is really beautiful – it’s well-matched.

Trendy Curly Updo

Updo can’t only be done with long hair. It can also look adorable to medium length hair – just like this cute curly updo that adds a positive vibe to the entire look. It also flawlessly highlights feminine beauty.

We can be conquering. The hottest hair trend that can change frequently are no longer a mission impossible. And this season’s hottest trends – for women across the globe – are the thing that can get your imagination going.

Want to achieve at least one of these trendy hairstyles? Then feel free to talk to us and we’ll be glad to make your dream hair come true. Located at 330 Central Avenue, Albany, New York, Heaven on Earth Beauty Salon is open from Tuesday to Saturday at nine in the morning. For more updates and hair inspirations, simply like their Facebook page.