How To Soften Your Natural Hair

We hear complaints from many black women about their stubborn and frizzy natural hair that they don’t like wearing them if they’re not relaxed or silk pressed. But is it really that hard to achieve and maintain soft and silky hair, without the aid of silk press or hair relaxers sometimes?

All women not just in color may seem to relate to this first world problem when it comes to getting softer and flawless-looking hair. Some are blessed with soft and manageable naturals while others feel like cursed with bad hair.

But did you know you can do something to make that frizzy hair manageable and elastic rich black hair? The truth is some of the flawlessly flowing hair isn’t naturally soft. It’s maybe as frizzy as most naturals before, but when you learn a technique over time; soft and manageable hair is achievable.

Heaven on Earth Beauty Salon, an Albany black hair salon will be happy to share the secret in achieving soft and manageable naturals. While this may not be new to the natural hair gurus, many newbie naturals out there, will surely feel glad to find answers to their long sought after questions.

This is where this post is heading to. To achieve frizz-free natural hair, simply follow the below directions and have a better life managing your hair.

Ignore the myth and embrace the truth

Better know the fact from the expert or the right person. As far as we know, your natural hair can be softened over time with sufficient protein and moisture, regardless of how stubborn it is.

Don’t believe the myth that says you should get your relaxed all the time. Deep conditioning and avoiding strong sulfate shampoos can help you achieve your goal of managing you natural hair without hassles.

Take deep conditioning seriously

If you keep on believing that there’s no hope for your stiff and frizzy hair then it is time to stop. Deep conditioning is known to work on hair textures like magic.

Dryness of scalp can cause brittleness and frizzy hair, so we suggest you should use the KeraCare® Overnight Moisturizing Treatment to soften and smooth your naturals overnight.

How-To-Soften-Your-Natural-Hair-3Image Source: Look Fantastic

It also helps prevent breakage, formation of split ends and premature shedding. It is ideal to apply the moisturizer at night while preparing hair for its normal regimen before bedtime. Just rub a small amount in hands and lather throughout your hair and massage your scalp as needed. Do not rinse out. Follow this regimen for at least 2 weeks. And for more hair care tips you can simply call or visit Heaven on Earth beauty salon in Albany for a free hair analysis.

Aside from deep conditioning, moisture is also your best friend

We bet you’ll never hear enough of this in your whole natural hair journey. Well, you can make a homemade moisturizer simply by using a mixture of water, olive oil and glycerin (if no glycerin available, you can substitute it with more natural ingredient like avocado or aloe vera). With glycerin, it attracts moisture from the environment to your hair.

How-To-Soften-Your-Natural-Hair-4Image Source: Home So Good

Also, it guarantees to an extent that you hair is always moisturized. If you have weave installation, simply lift your weaves or braid and moisturize your hairline with this mixture. How about for natural hair with color?

Heaven on Earth Beauty Salon don’t only partner with a company that provides quality products, but they also partner with a company that provides a quality service.

They partnered with Pravana products which contain the Naturceutical Complex which gives moisture, elasticity and suppleness to dry and nutrient depleted hair with keratin amino acids, silk amino acids and wheat protein.

For colored hair, they suggest Pravana Shampoos as they are truly sulfate-free which make hair color lasts longer without stripping and damaging sulfates.

Seal in your ends and maintain the moisture

It’s not technical as you might think it is. But we suggest that after adding moisture to your hair, you should make sure your hair doesn’t get dry due to hot and harsh weather. You shouldn’t let the moisture escape and let dryness prevails.

Remember, too much exposure to heat and pollution can cause split ends and even worse, unhealthy hair strands. To seal the moisture in your hair, you should consider using butter based cream or a good moisturizing cream.

If you have questions or feedbacks regarding hair care tips, please feel free to contact us. Or if you want to get more updates, you can simply like Heaven on Earth Beauty Salon on Facebook. And here’s more. You can make your dream hair come true by visiting them at 330 Central Avenue, Albany, New York.