Bold And Gorgeous Short Haircuts You’ll Love To Rock

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life,” a French designer, Coco Chanel had once said this line. While we can’t further argue with her line, yes, we find this profound. This is most common when you have natural hair. As we know, natural hair is really hard to deal – speaking through experience.

More often, we’ve tried transitioning our hair from naturals to a straighter one. Or we simply use some weave or protective styling to keep it from heat and damage which may lead to hair loss and scalp itching.

Well, we’re glad to share some stunning hairstyles to those who are getting the itch to go super short with a no fuss hair cut. But how sporting a bold hairstyle can be a very difficult decision for any woman? No matter what her culture, race or ethnicity is, making your mind up on very short hairstyle is one hell of a decision.

Whenever a black woman hears some suggestion to go for short hair, the movie J.I Jane usually comes to their mind while women in prisons or a woman with cancer are another picture that occupies Occipital Lobe. It might be due to the visual part of our brain that helps us process, perceive, and single out.

Mind you, there are many celebrities and usual black women with shaved heads but still able to rock the style and wear it fabulously. I really look up to these women as they considered bold, free-spirit and adventurist. However, some might say that this hairstyle isn’t that imaginative as a black woman with a side shaved Mohawk or a longer than normal poetic justice braids or box braids which made famous by Janet Jackson on the 1996 movie “Poetic Justice”. Anyway, let’s move on and start on the list – well, you might consider heading to 330 Central Avenue, Albany, New York for Heaven on Earth Beauty Salon experience, after looking at this.

Apart from the hair color, this haircut is a chic and fashion forward. I’m pretty sure bold women will love the undercut designs in tapered – it makes the cut so much more interesting. However, a hairstylist takes a lot of skill to make this look chic and not cheap.

This bold red cut is so sexy… it looks great on her skin and makes the undercut and the style stands out.

This is another great haircut, especially if you’re not ready to cut it all off. The shaved side and blue hair gives take this style to the next level!

This is one of the best natural hair tapered cuts I’ve seen. Take a look at the cut that perfectly displays her natural curls, but adds a bit of thrill with the blonde color in the front and the dope undercut designs in the back. In my opinion, I can call it a masterpiece.

This hairstyle changes things up a bit though, with fun pops of color in the front. I love the way it frames her face and highlights her features. It looks gorgeous on her.

Although her hair is shaved on the sides, she still has ideal hair length to wear protective styles, such as braids and faux locs. Well, this haircut proves that you can still have versatility with a tapered cut.

If you want to turn heads while on the street and make other women rethink the type of short hair they want then rock this style. Her faded cut which is different from a tapered cut is crisp and clean, while still feel and look feminine. The neat part in her hair, besides those classic waves is what makes this a cut above the rest.

The gorgeous model in this picture looks glowing… and this style also highlights her big eyes and high cheekbones.

If you ask me if it is definitely low maintenance, I would say a big YES. Not to mention, the glamour element to it. What an ideal haircut for someone who is looking to do a big chop, go extra short or rock their natural curl pattern.

In all honesty, Heaven on Earth Beauty Salon is also a big fan of all of the haircuts here. Who can deny the beauty of these bold and confident women who aren’t afraid to show how they wear their hair. Do you have a particular short hairstyle that catches your attention? Well, if you are ready to make the big chop, feel free to contact us or simply like our page on Facebook for more updates.