Stunning Hairstyles For Women With Round Face

Every woman, regardless of color, often considers the shape of their face and their hair’s natural texture whenever they’re looking for the variations of hairstyles to rock. And among different face’s shapes, round face is one that is just about the same length as width.

Round face has soft facial features including a rounded jaw and soft cheekbones. If you have this sort of shape, you’ll more likely to project a more youthful look. However, there’s a little catch. Perhaps, it’s difficult to highlight facial features and can also make you look more heavy-set.

With this in mind, it’s quite essential for black women with round face to find a haircut that works with these characteristics rather than against them. Perhaps, the actions you’ll take might be adding length without adding width, and highlighting your eyes and chin without making your cheeks look wider.

Worry no more as here in Heaven on Earth Beauty Salon; we will take your favorite hairstyle ideas that will surely match round face shape, on the table.

Loose And Voluminous Pixie Cut


The hottest hair trend is now on short hairstyles. This has become the most preferred choice for black women as it keeps things easy and looks stunning with natural hair texture. But there’s a little thing you should consider when you have a round face shape. As much as possible, avoid pixies that are too closed cropped.

If you have straightened hair, we suggest that you should rather keep the height there by adding texture or if you’re rocking natural curls then keep them wild and natural.

One-Sided Curly Bob

Although short bobs are not a good choice for those who have round face (they add width and emphasize the round and soft features which makes you look younger), still they’re not off-limits.

Asymmetrical short bob with one side that’s directly over the ear and then styled with curls is a perfect option for those with round face shape. Notice a little addition of width on one side of your face but rest assured, the curls and shorter length side will balance out flawlessly.

Short and High Natural Afro

Consider you’re blessed if you have voluminous natural hair and tight curls – embrace them and flaunt it. Aside from going natural because of the trend, short and high natural Afro is much easier and works well with the round face shape. Make this work for you by styling your curls upward rather than outward.

Rocking The Long Bob

Aside from being trendy, long bob hairstyle is just the right thing for a round face shape as it adds length, and lets you add texture and height to make your face looks slimmer. If you feel this is the right thing for you, then don’t hesitate to opt for some side-swept bangs with your long bob but do try to avoid layers.

For women with round face shape, simply style your hair with relaxed waves or straight but tight curls. This length will only add width where you don’t want it.

Layered Side-parted Hairstyle

Wanting to make light of the width of your round face, then a side part on the left or right can do that for you. The added width from the bangs and choppy layers on the other side of the bangs will add height on the side of your face.

However, it’s essential that the layers around your face do not add width around your cheeks. Also, make sure that your hairstylist keeps your layers away from the widest place of your face.

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