How To Keep Normal Hair Porosity Level?

When I stroll over the street of Albany last week, I noticed so many women are going for short hair while only few are walking with their natural hair untouched. That made me think about hair porosity and I when I search o the web, I noticed that there are many information on low and high porosity strands, but so little on medium (normal) porosity strands.

While it’s a bit odd to assume, I believe the reason perhaps is that “normal” porosity is deemed need not informative articles. Or perhaps, most people tend to be either low porosity or high porosity that they focus on their hair’s porosity level.

But no matter what the reason is, I noticed a loop hole and lack of information, and thought that it’s about time that we show the normal-tress ladies some love.

Like most ladies with various porosity levels, Heaven on Earth Beauty Salon values the essentials of knowing the dos and the must haves of our particular porosity. Remember, knowing it can be of assistance for all of us throughout our hair journey. Black women with normal porosity hair strands must check out these dos and the must haves to improve their hair regimen.

Always include hair products that enhance moisture and protein balance on your hair regimen’s list

One of the must-have hair products for medium porosity hair are the stuffs that promote moisture and protein balance. As far as we know, medium porosity hair is deemed to be the best of both worlds as it can easily gain characteristics of low porosity or high porosity over time. But that would still depend on whether you use too much heat and chemicals or too much protein. This is why you going to need conditioners, leave-ins, cleansers, and other hair products that can maintain your normal porosity level.

Maintaining a moisture-protein balance doesn’t necessarily involve mixing protein and moisture product. All you need is having one part of your regimen be the balance for your strands.

In addition, be conscious of your strand size. For all we know, fine hair can most certainly profit from constant amounts of light protein, but loutish medium- porosity hair would most likely only need a protein treatment every six to eight weeks and have a normal regimen of mostly moisture filled products.

Add grapeseed, safflower, sweet almond, and other light oils on your hair regimen

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Most women with medium porosity strands have minor issues when it comes to keeping the strands moisturized. This makes heavy oils and butters a little bit necessary.

Light oils like Grapeseed, Sweet Almond oil, and Safflower oil can get the job well done. They serve as sealants that wouldn’t leave your natural hair feeling soggy due to overly moisturized strands. However, this won’t weigh the strands down like what the castor oil or heavy butters and pomades can do.

To keep the normal porosity of the hair, one must need sealants that work best on damp or have already been moisturized hair. Not to mention, a little can go a long way. So this means, you got to be careful to not use a lot or else these light oils can potentially weigh down your natural hair.

While oils can be essential for keeping the moisture, some of us find, including oils on the hair regimen as a big no-no. But again, this shall depend on the individual hair and strand size. As far as we know, those with fine strands don’t need to add oil on their hair regimen while for those with coarse-strands, oils may be a key in helping their hair thrive.

Do away from over-moisturizing

For our natural sistahs, and even those with hair that is chemically altered, moisturizing the hair is key point for keeping the elasticity and hair length retention.

Yet, more often some of us find the “moisturizing daily” thing a bit overboard, and often think the strands and the progress can pay the price. But what is the cause of over-moisturized hair? Primarily, it is caused by either using too many moisture based products or overusing moisturizing techniques on the hair.

Most black American women with medium porosity strands can fall victim to this because that medium porosity strands obviously have trivial issues with getting and keeping the moisture. If you let this to happen, major hair-related issues will soon arise.

Avoiding this is within your hands. Get away with moisturizing your hair every other day or by using the LOC or LCO method. What is this LOC or LCO method? The LOC means liquid, oil, and cream while LCO means liquid, cream, and oil. These are the two effective moisturizing methods in keeping the hair moisturized for 2-3 days, or sometimes for 4 or 5 days.

Of course, you should go natural with all of these two methods, especially the LCO method. Go with glycerin based spritz, then a bit of Shea, Mango, or Aloe butter, and then light oil like Grapeseed or Safflower oil.

And yes, a mix of this can maintain your hair moisturized for days on end. On the other hand, and with LOC method, similar products are suggested but with the exception of switching the application of the cream and oil products.

Why is it essential to maintain the normal level of hair porosity? Well, it’s simply because you’re going to need a well-moisturized and protein balance when you braid your naturals for vixen sew-in weave and other protective styling. Also, you’re going to need to grow healthier and smoother hair strands.

Where to go to achieve this moisture-protein balance here in Albany? Heaven on Earth Beauty Salon offers basic hair treatments, particularly the protein treatments, at a very reasonable price. You pay them a visit at 330 Central Avenue, Albany, New York. They’re open from Tuesday to Saturday at 9AM. You can also set an appointment by calling (518) 432-4302. For more updates, please feel free to like them on Facebook.