Chic Hairstyles Women With Transitioning Hair Should Try

Black women, who are currently on transitioning, must know how hard it is to maintain two very different hair textures. But how difficult is it? Well, detangling the hair is a bit more challenging when it comes to styling. So, we suggest keeping it very simple.

Sticking to styles that are easy to do will lessen manipulation of the two textures and as a result it also lessen the chances of breakage and shedding.

If you’ve had difficulty in styling or just want to discover a few styles to apply in your transitioning regimen that are easy to accomplish but also tremendous, we’ve got you all covered.

To tell you honestly, these hairstyles will help blend your hair textures and get you all through the week. In addition, we made it easy for you. Rest assured all of these styles start with the letter B, just like Black Naps. But always remember to make the style your own and have fun with it.


Among the hairstyles fit for transitioning, braidouts are one of the easiest and simplest ways to bring together your two textures and come out with a dope style. As a matter of fact, you can do multiple braids for a more distinct look or just do two for a “big hair” result.

But either of the two, you have to make sure you rod the ends of your braids as this will give your hair a twist so your style won’t have straight, scraggly ends. Don’t forget to fluff it up to add an additional boost of fabulousness.



There are days in a week which you just won’t feel like dealing with your hair at all. Perhaps you don’t have the time to use on an obscure style, you just want something simple, or want to save a bad hair day. Luckily, this is when buns come in to the rescue.

But did you know there are a million and three ways to do buns? Buns, regardless of the length, can be achieved on old hair, freshly washed hair, or with extra hair extensions. After all, you can still make it fancy but a little bit simpler. And by the way, classic bun will never go out of style and trend.


If you believe blowout hair may seem like too much for transitioning hair to handle, then you’re a little bit on the wrong course. Blowouts are really great way to stretch transitioning hair when done accurately. Plus, this sort of style prepares the hair for almost any style, including all of the styles mentioned here. In addition, when you begin with a blowout, you’ll be able to style hair that is pretty much all one pattern.

Bantu Knots

Another great way to blend textures and come out with an incredible style is through rocking Bantu knot. This hairstyle is a result in beautiful corkscrew curls that can be changed into updos, frohawks, or other styles of your desire. Be sure to do it not too tightly and detangle properly when styling. Also, take your time when untying your hair, to guarantee a frizz-free style that is surely a stunner.

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